Tuesday, December 2, 2008

chugging along

As promised, a photo of the view we had for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The best seat in the house! (And yes, we'll be in the same spot for the ball drop on New Year's. Sweet!)
On to other news.
I got my mother's Christmas wish list today, which very sternly ordered us to spend no more than $10 on her. I was struggling with ideas for her gift, but there are several things on her list I can get from a dollar store nearby, so I'll happily stay under her limit and get things she actually wants. She also said she wants to buy me nice bedroom linens and didn't want to ruin the surprise but wasn't sure what size bed I have, or what color/pattern preferences I had. I actually am very excited to get nice linens (something I won't buy for myself--I'm still using hand-me-up sheets that my brother got about TEN YEARS AGO).

I'm hoping to finish the rest of my Christmas shopping online tonight. I'd like to put it all on my credit card and then pay it off before heading out of town.

I am blowing right through my long list of Very Important Things To Do--I finished a manuscript and a book club book yesterday, and read 100 pages of the other book club book. I am half-finished with one school project (I'll finish it up now, during my lunch break) and am totally lost on the other (sigh...). I added another performance--a quick, easy one--this weekend, but it will get me up and out of bed early so there's really no down side. I hope. Rehearsals are over, I just need to work on two of the choreographies myself a few more times.

The only way I'm going to get everything done that I need to do is by not sleeping. Well, I'm not giving up sleep entirely, but I stayed up for two hours after Peanut went to bed to get some reading done. It's not ideal, but it's the easiest way to squeeze in some extra time for all these Must-Dos. Before Peanut, I stayed up a good deal later than I do now, so I know I can handle fewer hours of sleep, especially when it's for such a limited time. I also need to multi-task whenever possible (no watching TV without a needle and thread in my hands!) but watch out for when multi-tasking slows everything down (researching for my school project while Christmas shopping for others doesn't help either one get done!).


  1. Okay, who are you sleeping with to get such a great seat?!?! I live, 7 blocks up 7th Avenue from Toys-R-Us and have no view :(

  2. Ha ha ha--my boyfriend's office is in the Paramount building. Such a sweet deal--he has a great New Year's Eve view too.


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