Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last holiday check in

Thing the first: Awesome! New rules are going to reign in credit card companies--some of the changes include
  • No more raising rates on existing balances
  • No more double-cycle billing.
  • Any payment above the minimum must automatically apply to the part of the balance with the highest interest.
  • Minimum time before notice of change of terms takes effect goes from 15 to 45 days.
  • Borrowers need reasonable time before a payment is due, at least 21 days
  • No excessive fees for exceeding credit limit because of a hold placed on the account
  • Subprime credit cards that have a $500 credit limit but a big upfront fee will have that fee capped at no more than 50% of the credit limit, and it can be paid off over a year, rather than immediately.
These changes don't go into effect for another year and a half, but it's good to know they're in the works. I have to say, I've never had any problems with a credit card company, but I know people who have and that's made me watch my money more closely.

Thing the second: My list of things to do is done, done, done!
All exams are finished, all projects are finished, all book club books are read, all performances/rehearsals/classes have been performed or attended, all birthday shopping and parties are done, all 2008 mystery shops are done, laundry is done, everything for my trip is purchased, and all my Christmas shopping is done and shipped (or will be, right after my post office run in five minutes).

I have a Christmas party this afternoon, a book club meeting this evening, and a suitcase to pack (and I have a list of what's going in it).

These last few weeks have been intense, but worth it, and I'm looking forward to my trip. I will probably not be posting again until just before the new year--hope you all have very happy holidays!

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