Monday, December 15, 2008

Mid Month goals check-in

December Goals
1. Finish Christmas shopping by 12/15. I’ll finish today! I have to pick up two more things from the bookstore, and order three things to be delivered directly to the recipients. On Thursday I’ll make a post office run and that’ll be that. I also need to send out cards, which I’ll do tomorrow.

2. Bring lunch to work every day. So far, so good! And we have groceries to last us the rest of this week.

3. Rejigger my budget. Haven’t even though about this.

4. Look into a CD ladder. Haven’t thought about this either!

5. Get things done and try to stay sane. So far I have done the bolded of my huge list:
  • two final projects for school
  • two final exams one down, one tonight
  • three manuscripts to read for work and two presentations to prepare
  • two books to read for book clubs one read, one currently being read
  • two huge performances both done, both fun!
  • two birthday parties both done!
  • two corporate holiday parties one down, one to go!
  • two mystery shops (breakfast and dinner) both done!
  • to finish Christmas shopping and ship all packages to distant family and friends almost done!
  • do laundry and pack for my first visit to meet Peanut’s entire extended family laundry’s done, I have to pick up travel size toiletries tonight and start packing!

Things are going pretty well, and I only broke under the stress of all this once, and just for a few minutes (in the middle of all this, my radiator broke and was spewing water all over my bed. I didn’t think I’d have time to have it fixed, but luckily my super didn’t require me to be there, and he took care of it right away). Peanut has been wonderful in handling my comings-and-goings, and I’m excited to have a week away with him to visit his family and spend some quiet time together.

Thinking in lists really helps me keep my head one straight.

Oh! I think I promised to talk about what I did for Peanut’s birthday that was a surprise—I took him to Medieval Times, which is terribly nerdy and which we enjoyed immensely. Our knight lost, but the food was good, the atmosphere was silly and fun, and we had a great time. And I managed to keep it a surprise—he had no idea where we were going until he saw the castle!

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  1. Sounds like you're doing all right. Making lists makes me feel better too, but don't get disappointed if you don't make your way through them :)


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