Monday, December 1, 2008

November Recap/December Goals

November just FLEW BY! Did it seem like that for anyone else?

November goals
1. Christmas shopping for reals this time! My goal WAS to get it all done before or during Thanksgiving. That didn’t happen—I got my mom’s and Peanut’s birthday presents, as well as my sister’s Christmas gift (plane ticket and something secret) and tickets to the show my friend and I are seeing in lieu of a gift exchange. And I did a lot of trolling the web to find gift ideas; now I just need to actually purchase these things! I’m aiming to do that tomorrow night after work.

2. Take care of things I’ve been putting off. Those shoes, those pants, those Lasik consultation appointments—DONE! Two pairs of shoes repaired at the cobbler ($24), a pair of pants to the dry cleaner ($4, but they’re not back yet so I don’t know if they’re fixed or truly ruined), Lasik consultation done and surgery appointment booked! Man, that feels good.

3. Get ready to batten down the hatches. Um, sort of. I’ve been thinking of it, but then I went and bought dance costumes and ate out more than I should have.

4. Use my gym membership. I didn’t go once. I’m terribly ashamed of myself, and very glad that it was a free membership instead of one I paid for. I think I’ve got six weeks left of it, so hopefully I’ll make it once more.

5. Streamline my spreadsheets. I decided to push this off to the beginning of the year. I’ve been using one system all year long, no need to change it up with only one more month of tax-related information left to go.

December Goals
1. Finish Christmas shopping by 12/15. This shouldn’t be a problem—I’ve actually picked out almost everything for everyone, and wanted to wait for more deals, although I won’t be able to shop during CyberMonday (Hmm...maybe I will do some at lunch?).

2. Bring lunch to work every day. I will have lunch provided next Monday and have a lunch date on 12/16, but other than that, I intend to bring my lunch to work every single day (which is only 15 days because of my vacation time).

3. Rejigger my budget. I forgot to do this after I got my small raise at the beginning of November—it’s a $20-50 difference per paycheck, and I want to figure out where to stash that money instead of letting it pile up in my checking account.

4. Look into a CD ladder. Frankly, this might not be the best time to start doing this since rates are low, but my $5,000 emergency fund and $5,000 tuition reimbursement could use any bump in interest that I can get my hands on. If nothing else, I’ll understand more about it, and when rates rise, I can take advantage of it then.

5. Get things done and try to stay sane. In the next two and a half weeks, I have:
· two final projects for school
· two final exams
· three manuscripts to read for work and two presentations to prepare
· two books to read for book clubs
· two huge performances (the holiday show for the dance studio, and a regular client who throws an enormous bash—this is my fourth year working for him)
· two birthday parties
· two corporate holiday parties
· two mystery shops (breakfast and dinner)
· to finish Christmas shopping and ship all packages to distant family and friends
· do laundry and pack for my first visit to meet Peanut’s entire extended family

No pressure, right? Well, not if I stay focused and just try to knock things out one at a time. The next two and a half weeks will pass regardless of my level of stress, so hopefully I can keep it low-key and just try to get things done that need doing.


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