Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ouch, ouch, ouch

I just got around to updating my Networth IQ (see sidebar). Oh, wow....

My rollover IRA from my former job is now worth HALF of what I contributed to it four years ago. My current job's 401k inexplicably continues to increase each month slightly, but I suspect that's because I'm contributing only a little more than I'm losing. I have to just keep telling myself, "I have 40 years until retirement. I can afford to wait this out." Oy.

I have a really high balance (for me) on my credit card right now--just over $600, which is a few mystery shops and Christmas presents. I'll still pay off the entire balance this month.

My company announced layoffs yesterday--2% of the workforce. My job is safe (for now) but someone in my department was let go, so it does hit close to home. I'm re-evaluating, again, how to plan for next year. Where else can I cut expenses? Where can I bring in additional income? How long are things going to be like this?


  1. Layoffs are scary when they hit close to home... and they seem to be hitting close to a lot of people's homes so far!

  2. ugh, my rollover is in the toilet as well...

    Let's keep assuring ourselves that retirement is still 40 years away!

    (p.s., I removed my post and am reposting because I wanted to post as my wordpress blog)


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