Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 Resolution review

Before I post my 2009 resolutions, I want to take a look at my 2008 ones. When I wrote these, I had no idea how much my life would change—I moved unexpectedly, got my heart broken, fell in love, was stalked, saw a huge falling out within my family, lost some friends, gained some friends, started graduate short, the end of this year looked nothing like the end of last year. I wonder how 2010 will look?

2008 Resolution review
1. Cut my living expenses. I planned to do this by moving into a cheaper apartment with my then-boyfriend. About four days after I posted those resolutions, he dumped me out of the blue. It sucked, but wound up being a great thing in many ways—I moved into my own apartment (a longtime goal) and met and fell in love with Peanut. So, not achieved in the way I’d planned, but it turned out better all around.

2. Continue with my on-paper, on-purpose budget. I managed to do this! While my net worth went way down thanks to the stock market and student loans, I lived within my means.

3. Add another $1,000 to my emergency fund. I did not do this. My emergency fund remains at about 3 months of no-income living, which is fine for now.

4. Begin setting aside money for Lasik surgery. Done and done! I guess I sort of cheated—I only saved about $2,000 and used my tuition reimbursement to pay for the rest, but since it’s being reimbursed as flex spending, I’m not exactly borrowing from Peter to pay Paul...right? At any rate, it’s done and paid for up front, and I’ve already submitted the reimbursement paperwork. Go me!

5. Pay for school. I’ve been paying for school purely through scholarship and loans—out of pocket costs have only been textbooks. I am stashing away my company’s reimbursement (which covers just under half of my yearly costs) to pay down a huge chunk of the loans when I’m finished.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my 2009 Resolutions!

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  1. Sounds like you did good to me. Esp with it turning out for the better after BF left.

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