Monday, January 26, 2009

EVERYONE can file taxes free online?

If this is true, that would be great! I need to do some more research before I believe it though--I'm sure people who make more than $56,000 per year qualify, but do people like me, who need to file additional forms for independent contracting, also get to file free? Hmm.

There have been a lot of burglaries and muggings in my neighborhood lately. I confess, it makes me nervous. I'm not so worried about being burgled (the act of taking things from a home, as opposed to robbery, which is the act of taking things from a person) since I've had everything stolen before. It's just stuff. But being mugged or being home when someone breaks in is terrifying and actually causing me to lose sleep. It's not that far-fetched--like I said, there are more and more reports of this happening in my neighborhood, and last month someone tried to break into Peanut's apartment through the balcony door (which opens RIGHT NEXT TO the bed!!!). We weren't home but heard about it from a neighbor who poked her head out when a dog started barking and she saw the guy take off. Yikes! I suspect this will happen much more frequently as the economy remains stagnant.

This is a good reminder to get renter's insurance--I have had it ever since all my stuff was stolen while I was moving up here, but if you don't have it you need to go get it RIGHT NOW. It costs me only $101 for an entire year, and covers me in case of theft, fire, or if someone were to get hurt in my home. My friend who came to visit and had her car broken into--the car insurance covered the damage to the vehicle, but her renter's insurance covered the contents that were stolen. Think about that for one second--that alone makes it worth adding to your insurance stable.


  1. I think a lot of people can file their taxes for free but not everyone. And even if you have a huge ammount of forms as well. The best place to find out is the free file page on the IRS webpage. ( The link I gave you, takes you to a "wizard" to choose the right free file option for you.

    Also military can file for free through

  2. When I had simple taxes I did my own on paper forms and mailed them in. Free except for the stamp, I've never e-filed actually.

  3. Oh yes--when I had very simple taxes, I used to file for free on paper all the time. A few years ago, though, I started needing to file two Schedule Cs with various deductions and exemptions and pay self-employment tax. MUCH easier to do that with software, and I like the guarantee that comes with it (TurboTax's software messed up my return last year, and they refunded my fees which were the about the same amount as what I had to pay in missed taxes).

  4. I am lucky enough to have simple taxes where a pen and the forms (and a stamp...) is all that is needed! But I think it is true that alot of people can efile for free! So nice!

    Great tidbit about the insurance too! I need to get my bum in gear and get renters insurance...eek!

    Great blog though, I just stumbled across it tonight!! =)

  5. i agree, renters insurance is so so so important. my sister has it and i'm so proud of her, but my stubborn boyfriend doesn't! this annoys me to the core because he's a guitar collector and has over a dozen of them at his place. i'm still working on him...

    stay safe sweety, i would probably lose sleep too. you poor thing :/


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