Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday LinkFest

Money Under 30 talks about a tax credit I've never heard of: retirement saver's tax credit. You can be sure I'll be looking into this to see if it will help me--I contribute 10% of my gross pay to a 401k. Depending on whether the numbers posted are gross or net income, I could get a credit of up to $200!

Unclutterer shares 4 Clutter Choices that keep junk in our homes and in the way. I have been in a mood to Get Rid of Stuff lately, and applying these four rules is going to help me clear out a LOT of stuff.

15 Minutes to Riches details why tracking your spending is important. My recent realizations came about after I've spent years tracking my spending--so it's not only important to write down what you're spending but also to review it on a regular (yearly? monthly? weekly?) basis to help you improve your finances.

Via The Consumerist, seven states, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have sued to overturn the "health worker conscience rule" that allows pharmacists to refuse to provide services that conflict with their beliefs. President Obama has said he will overturn the ruling as well, though that could take a while. I want to support this as vocally as possible--if you become a pharmacist, you have absolutely no business refusing to fill a prescription for birth control or Plan B. I'm sorry--what other people do with their bodies and their choices are none of your business. And companies would be wise to make sure their employees are aware of this, because I (and I hope others as well) will refuse to do business at places that allow their employees to do this.

MoneyMateKate asks what's the weirdest job you've ever done? My comment is at the bottom, but to sum up: carpet blower, security guard at the Superbowl, music video extra, belly dancer.


  1. I feel the same way about the health worker conscience rule. It's unbelievably irresponsible to withhold information and resources from people based on your personal (probably unshared) beliefs. I'm with you on boycotting businesses who allow their employees to lie or refuse service.

  2. It's not just pharmacists - doctors can as well. I read an article in Self magazine about 18 months ago where a woman was interviewed about her ER experience after being raped. The doctor refused her the day-after pill. I think in her position, I'd have taken out all my rage on him with a rusty scalpel. Then there were milder stories about women whose obgyn refused to prescribe birth control because they didn't believe in contraception.


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