Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome 2009

First post of the new year!

Apologies for being so remiss in posting over the last week and a half--but a lot has happened! Here's a quick rundown, in no particular order:

New Year's in Times Square
Lasik surgery accomplished--I went from 20/100 to 20/15 vision in FIVE MINUTES!
Sister came to visit
Friend's car broken into while she was visiting and the ensuing drama of getting a windshield fixed
Saw Mary Poppins on Broadway
Spent $200 eating out in the last week
Went to an art museum (the Frick Collection, a must-see if you come visit NYC)
Many, many viewings of Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog
Three books read, almost all for pleasure
Christmas credit card bill almost all paid off (waiting on a paypal transfer to finish it up)
AMAZING yoga class
Resolutions not yet made but thought about
Best friend eloped!
Getting back into the routine of work, taking lunches to work, making cheap dinners and being lowkey

Just to focus on a few things offhand.

My friend's rear windshield was smashed and a bag of clothes stolen out of her car while we were at dinner. Luckily, the thieves didn't search more thoroughly or they would have gotten her laptop, too! We were able to find someone to replace the windshield on New Year's Eve for $500. I have no idea if that's a reasonable price, but he did it that day and protected her car from snow and enabled her to drive home as planned. Her parents had given her an unexpected $500 for Christmas, so it was good she was able to pay for it although I'm sure that's not what they intended for her to do with the money.

Lasik--I'll do a more thorough post on this later, but so far it is the best $4,000 I have ever spent. The procedure was painless (really!) though uncomfortable. I'm still on lots of different eye drops and have to sleep with hilariously unsexy plastic shields taped to my face, but I can see better than I have in twenty years. Unbelievable.

I'm working on resolutions (nine of them, for the last digit in the year--something I have done with my best friend for almost 15 years) and I'll post those this week.

Hope you all had lovely holidays--I promise to get better about keeping in touch!


  1. Congrats on the lasik! A few years ago I would have said "no way" if someone asked me if I was going to do it, but I'm starting to reconsider. I had fears of ending up blind, but the technology has really progressed, hasn't it? Much safer, faster (5 minutes though??! wow). My contacts seem to be getting more uncomfortable as time goes on... I like my glasses, but I prefer the way I look without them.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to your post about this!! I want to know ALL about your experience. :)

  2. New Year's Eve in Times Square?? It was so freaking cold that when I appeared above ground from the subway near my apartment building at 11:55pm with a fantastic view of the ball, I wouldn't even stand out there for 5 minutes!

    Good luck with your resolutions,

  3. I should clarify something about New Year’s in Times Square—my boyfriend’s office is on the fourth floor of a building at 43rd and Broadway, so we hung out INSIDE with champagne and board games all evening and watched the ball drop from warm comfort. We waved at all the suckers outside—I would never do it that way!


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