Monday, February 2, 2009

25 things meme

Self tag, if you'd like. I picked this up from Facebook but I've seen it going around the PF blogosphere as well.

1. I have shaved part of my head with a Bic razor. It was not on a dare—I really thought I looked cool.

2. Some of the unusual jobs I’ve had: factory worker, Superbowl and World Wrestling Entertainment security officer, dorm janitor, mystery shopper.

3. Peanut is the first boyfriend I’ve ever called by a pet name, and he’s the first boyfriend who’s ever called me by a pet name.

4. I surprise myself by how calm I am in emergencies (for example, when a car is on fire outside the apartment, when we think someone’s breaking in, or when a friend’s car window gets smashed). This is a direct response to the only car accident I have ever been in, during which I was not calm. The experience made me want to react calmly and rationally, so I’ve tried to do that.

5. I am addicted to chapstick and I don’t want to quit.

6. My first cat had an inappropriate name. He was very mean and we had to get rid of him because he bit me all the time.

7. I do not sing, even in the shower, even alone in the car, except for Dr. Horrible songs, which I will sing anywhere and at the top of my lungs. That’s the power of NPH!

8. I do not have an iPod, and I do not want one, thank you very much. Although I do think the iPhone is ooooohshiney!

9. My tattoo does not mean what I thought it meant when I got it, and it’s not even in the language I was told it was in. I am not going to have it altered.

10. I love socks, particularly knee high ones. I try to only wear socks that are interesting. Really, life is too short to not have cute socks. (It is also too short to have cold feet, so I have been known to wear more than one pair of cute socks at a time.)

11. I think of my eyes as blue, but ever since my Lasik surgery they are decidedly green/brown.

12. My favorite furniture came from the street in front of my apartment building (I’m looking at you, desk and kitchen table-and-chairs!).

13. I wanted to live in New York ever since my mom read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to me. I didn’t realize until I came there, though, that Manhattan is an island.

14. I had roommates from the time I was 16 until I was nearly 27. While some of them are perfectly lovely people and we’re still friends, I LOVE having my own apartment.

15. I love roller coasters but I hate ferris wheels.

16. I don’t really have any recipes I can whip up at a moment’s notice, but I’m working on it. I do know how to make a great frosting from scratch.

17. I took the ACT twice and the SAT once and each time got exactly the score I had in mind. I took the GRE once, and got ten points less than I was aiming for. I wish I had some pithy lesson about this, but I don’t.

18. Someday I want words painted on the walls of my kitchen. I don’t know what I want them to say yet, I just know I want it. (Inspired by my best friend’s kitchen growing up.)

19. I used to be a nail biter, and now that I’ve trained myself out of it, my nails grow faster than I can keep up with. It was easier to keep them bitten.

20. I hate yogurt. I don’t think it’s a real food. I think there’s some conspiracy with people who eat yogurt, and I don’t understand it. I can’t get near it. If I smell it, I start to gag. If I taste it...well, I just don’t taste it, ok? (Strangely, Indian yogurt does not have this effect on me, and I very much like it.)

21. I have mystery shopped everything from the Empire State Building and spas to fast food chains and real estate companies.

22. I keep obsessive track of my finances, and have used a written budget since my freshman year of college. I intend to retire rich. So, no, sorry—you can’t borrow twenty bucks.

23. I purposely chose purple as my favorite color—it wasn’t originally, but it was my favorite aunt’s favorite color and I wanted to be like her. Now, of course, it’s legitimately my favorite color and purple draws my eye in a way no other can. The choice process makes me wonder about a lot of human behavior, however.

24. I don’t know what I would have done if the Internet hadn’t been invented.

25. I love Superbowl parties but I don't care about the games. I just like the commercials!


  1. Everyone on facebook has done this, it seems.

    Wait, LASIK could change my eye color from beautiful blue??? Oh on!

  2. I heard that chapstick addictions are not really addictions. It's just that you notice your lips not being soft and moist any more, and unusually dry when they've been the safe before.

    I love my iPods! :) But I understand why you wouldn't want one.

    Oh I LOVE yoghurt too. Only the 8% fat kind. Mmmmmmmmm .. but I do find the texture a bit weird sometimes.

    Purple - another colour to love in my list.

    Fabulously Broke in the City

    "Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

  3. @SP--

    I don't think Lasik really changed my eye color--Peanut swears it's exactly the same. I think I have just had in mind all these years that I've had the blue eyes I had as a kid, when in reality they faded into a green/hazel color. And I've been peering into my eyes quite a bit lately, so now I noticed the difference!

  4. @FB--

    I understand why people like iPods but they really hold no interest for me at all. I'm not a music person (see #7 re: not singing), I don't like having things in my ears ever, and I would never block off part of my attention while commuting in New York City--it all adds up to no need or desire for a little music player.


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