Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can't Win

Geez oh MAN.

Peanut and I agreed that we very much did not enjoy this February food budget challenge, and won't be doing one again. It's one thing to keep track of our food spending to know about it and entirely something else to feel like we can't buy an extra brick of cheese without "failing". For what it's worth, we are at $450 ($50 over the $400 goal) and there's at least one shopping trip not entered plus we will need to do another small grocery run to make it through the end of the week. We'd like to focus on keeping our food budget reasonable for groceries with less eating out, but apparently that $400 was a little unreasonable for two busy people in New York City.

So with that in mind, we feel that we want to try to focus on eating at home or packing lunch/food instead of eating out. So WHY IS IT that like twelve hours after we had that conversation, everybody wants to eat food with me in restaurants? I've now got a brunch and a dinner next week as well as a cafe visit for book club (it's my turn to host, and my apartment is too small). And that's just the first week of March; I'm sure other stuff will pop up.

Maybe part of this is me being bad at saying no to things, or truly wanting to keep up with people but not being much for having people into my apartment for a glass of wine. Maybe it's the cost of being young and living in a city.


  1. Hi - My boyfriend and I live in SF and we are always trying to spend less on grocries. It seems impossible. We spend $150 per week at the grocery store no matter what!

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in a big city with this problem! Seems like everything I read says, Oh, I live in Manhattan and I spend $20 a month on groceries, you should too!

  3. I think it is the cost of being young and in the city. I find rather then try to restrict myself and become antisocial I try to suggest cheap places. Or only order an app. when I'm out.

    Also I agree with the food challenge. I stopped participating in them after I realized how overpriced even our groceries are! There is not one box of cereal in my gristedes that isn't less then $3, but at Target in CT you can get name brand cereal for under $2!!

    I find that when I feel restricted I end up splurging and overspending. It is hard to find a happy medium.

  4. Well, I stuck it out (it wasn't actually that hard, surprisingly) and got by with $115 for groceries and $75 for eating out. I'd probably do a lot better if I shifted the majority of that eating out budget into groceries. But it's too damn cold in Boston to go to the grocery every week.


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