Friday, February 27, 2009

February Recap/March Goals

February Goals
1. Join Krystal's February Food Challenge. Yeah...not so much. We’re at $520 for the month, which is still considerably better than the preceding months, so I’ll live with it.

2. Evaluate the allocations of my rollover IRA and current 401k to figure out why one is making money while the other is losing. Re-allocate if possible. I did take a look at this, but I couldn’t really make a lot of sense of it. I think the only real difference is that the money going into my 401k every month is more than the market losses, so there’s nothing allocation can do to help. I’m just going to bury my head in the sand for a while.

3. Investigate more survey or pay-for-action sites as well as some passive streams of income. I didn’t do this and in fact started rethinking my whole “more streams of income” approach. A post on that is forthcoming.

4. Figure out what the heck MoneyMateKate is doing at CVS and how I can get in on the game! Like the previous item, I sort of rethought the necessity of this. I don’t need a lot of extra toiletry items. I’m fairly brand-loyal when it comes to what I use, and I don’t use a lot of it nor do I have room to store it. I would like to donate the way MMK does, but I know myself and I know that frankly, I do not have time to spend two hours in a CVS figuring out how to get the best deals. For now, I have a Rite Aid card, a CVS card, and a Duane Reade card, and I’m following MoneySaving Mom’s weekly updates, so I can score good deals on stuff that I WILL use without getting in over my head.

5. File taxes and FAFSA paperwork. Not done. All my tax information is in TurboTax just desperately waiting to be filed and paid (I owe something like $500 between federal and state, if I remember right) but I am still waiting on my 1099 from the dance company. It’s now two weeks late, and I need to check in again. If I don’t get it by next week, I will probably file with my estimated numbers and append my taxes later when I get the official paperwork. I also realized today that I think I can file the FAFSA with estimated numbers, and I’m certainly close enough to do that this weekend.

March Goals
1. File taxes and FAFSA paperwork. Planning to do FAFSA this weekend and taxes by mid-March.

2. Consider opening a Roth IRA with my bonus. I’ve always wanted to fund a Roth IRA but I keep waiting until I can fully fund it. Well...why not just start it with $500 of my bonus, and later in the year when my living expenses go down, add more then?

3. Start looking for plane tickets. Peanut and I are going to go visit my family this summer (his first time meeting them) during Fourth of July. We’ve been tossing that date around for some weeks, and it seems like a good one, so I can start looking for tickets. He bought my ticket to go meet his family and I’ll be returning the favor (we’ll also be paying for a rental car and hotel while seeing my family, though, so I’m hoping to get tickets for dirt cheap).

4. Find a different way to approach two of my New Year’s Resolutions. I have not done yoga three times a week, nor have I been eating breakfast at home two days a week. I haven’t really even done anything at all towards either one, aside from writing them down in January. So in March, I’m going to take active steps by doing each one day per week.

5. File all receipts for flex spending reimbursement. I’ve spent a bit on over-the-counter meds for my cold this week, plus picked up a birth control prescription refill, went to the ob/gyn, and will be visiting the dentist for the second time in two weeks and will have to pay for the root canal and possible crown at that time. I want to get all this taken care of and reimbursed asap. At the rate I’m going, I’ll have used up all $5,000 of my spending well before June.

I'll try to post the month's spending analysis and update Networth IQ over the weekend!

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