Friday, February 20, 2009

I guess it's not so bad.

I got my manicure last night with a friend, who just found out she has to fire someone in her department (fire, not lay off) and this person happens to be a friend of hers. Then I went to book club, where one of our members is a massage therapist and works at a spa, a chiropractor and just opened her own office as part of a suite...but no one's called and it's been six weeks, and yesterday she found out the spa she works at was giving her a 50% paycut.

Then I talked to a law student who got exactly $176 more in aid than her basic living costs for six months. Her financial aid guy is apparently the biggest pain in the ass in the world, and won't help at all, and she just bought a netbook on credit and now she realized she won't be able to actually pay off her credit cards.

I have a job, and savings, and a boyfriend who can and is willing to help me. I have a friend in another industry who would hire me for a paid internship if I needed the money. I have a lot of financial know-how, I'm generally a smart cookie, a hard worker. I'll make it.

So...yeah. Back on track. With shiny nails and a more realistic outlook. Thanks for all your support; I have a few things to respond to in more depth that I'll get to another time.

In the meantime, peace out and enjoy your weekend! Peanut and I are making a conscious effort to get off the computer a little more, so aside from doing my taxes and some homework, I'm going to try not to log on.

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