Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January spending review

I'm still trying to do a lot of catching up, but here's a start.

Misc income: $4,927.58
$3.898.10 of that was reimbursement from my Flex spending account.
$350 was gifts.
$1001.98 was miscellaneous work (including freelancing, mystery shop payments, dance payments and survey payments).
$17.50 was interest.
$10 was an ING bonus.

The $3,898.10 flex spending reimbursement went straight back into my student loan payoff account.
$145 was stashed away for travel, gifts and renter's insurance.

Total Savings $4043.10

Cell phone $81.10
Dance expenses $33.02
Entertainment $9
Food--dining out $347.33
Food--groceries $143.51
Household--$130.41 (this includes yearly renter's insurance premium, not normally so high)
Laundry $11
Medical $3,898.10 (Lasik and prescriptions)
Mystery shop expenses $109.01
Rent $1,100
School $32.36 (books)
Stupid tax $2 (ATM fee)
Therapy $60
Utilities $60.64
Personal $71.32 (this includes a $25 haircut)

Total spending: $6088.8

Net difference between income and savings/spending: About $140, which will sit in my checking account as padding for right now.

Net Worth IQ in sidebar has also been updated, ~$2,000 increase (although my retirement accounts are down again).

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