Monday, February 16, 2009

Mid-month review

Checking in on my February goals.

So...I think Peanut and I may have to revise our $400 food spending goal for the month. In addition to the surprise Valentine's dinner, we had two mystery shops in which we spent $20 more than the reimbursement (no way around it--Times Square chain restaurants are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced--think $4.95 for a soft drink).

We're currently at $368.28 for the month, and we will need to go grocery shopping at least twice more. errrrrg...I think we can stay under $450, maybe...I hope?

In other news, I have almost all my tax stuff ready to go, and will be taking care of that next weekend. I also printed out a lot of stuff to review for my 401(k) vs IRA and I'm hoping to have time to take care of that next weekend as well.

Today was a fairly busy AND relaxed day. I had off work for the holiday, but I had to do laundry, go to the gym, and get to the dentist for a root canal. I wonder what that's going to cost me. At least I found a way to use up my excess flex spending money!

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend!

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