Monday, February 9, 2009


I had a very busy weekend, especially yesterday, which wound up with me not getting home until 10 p.m., covered in beer and likely some broken glass. Thank you very much, friend who was making out with some strange guy at our table and knocked your entirely full beer all over me.

Then apparently I forgot to set my alarm clock last night, because I woke up this morning 10 minutes after I usually leave for work. This meant no time to make lunch so I'll have to buy something (wah, lunch challenge!). And I didn't even take time to stop for a bagel, so now I'm starving and cranky and unable to decide where to go or how to pay for it (cash? debit card?).

So I decided to pull out my thumb drive to see what shape my checking accounts are in and add in yesterday's spending, and realize I can't find it. I bet it's in another bag at home, so ok, I'll just deal with all this later, until I realize my HOMEWORK for tonight is on that damn thumb drive. So now I can either take my lunch break to go home and get it, meaning no lunch at all (after no breakfast!). Or I can go get lunch, and spend my lunch break as well as real work time trying to recreate the homework from scratch, for a lesser grade. (There's no option to turn it in late with this professor--it's now or never, even if I missed the class.) Keep in mind I have a HUGE presentation tomorrow for work, which I need to be working on instead.

I would like a do-over of today, please.

PS--also, my rent check was returned over the weekend; the landlord's address "unknown, unable to forward". It's the exact same address I've sent checks to for a year. Hmm...Now I have to call, and say I DID try to pay the rent, where do I send the check to?

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