Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surprise Valentine!

I don't like Valentine's Day. Never have, even though I've been with someone for eight of the last 10 Valentine's Days. I just find it a stupid commercial holiday that exploits couples, makes women feel insecure and men feel inadequate, to say nothing of what it does for singles. I'd rather have love shown in lots of little ways than one bouquet of impersonal flowers and a box of chocolates because someone is "supposed" to.

I told Peanut all of that, and let him off the hook. Heck, I'm working Valentine's night, so we won't even be together, and I'd rather have him make me lunch any day of the week than even mention Valentine's.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I got home to find that he'd hung a flower over my doorway, had a vase full of flowers on the bookshelf, and had a sushi dinner ready for me, arranged in the shape of a heart. I was speechless. I've always wanted a boyfriend to sneak in and set something incredible up for me, but no one has ever done it, and Peanut just did it because he knew I had a rough day yesterday and he wanted to do something for Valentine's, even though I think it's kind of cheesy.

That sushi was the best I've ever tasted. And I still get a little teary-eyed thinking of him planning and preparing all of that for me, just because he loves me. I am so very lucky.

And now I'm totally thinking of some way to surprise HIM for Valentine's, despite my feelings toward the holiday in general.


  1. I too, am not into V-Day, and kind of shun the whole idea of Hallmark holidays...

    ....except for the fact that BF thinks it's cute to celebrate it, so he's making a special duck dinner, and I'm going to be happily stuffed at the end.

    Much like the duck.

  2. Oh and I wanted to type (before I pressed enter) that your BF is super, super sweet.. :) Wish we had pics of the heart sushi!

  3. I did take a pick! I'll try to remember to post it later tonight.


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