Monday, February 9, 2009


Today got a little better.

I was able to recreate my homework and had Indian food for lunch ($8.62, ouch, but it'll keep me full until after school tonight). I also finished work on my presentation for tomorrow, and I feel confident about the meeting.

I called my landlord, who said I'm not the only tenant who's had a problem with returned letters this month, and he thinks there's a new mailman. He won't charge me a late fee, and asked me to leave the check with my super and he'll pick it up tomorrow, so I don't even have to use another stamp! While we were chatting, I asked him to start keeping me in mind for slightly larger one-bedroom apartments that open up in any of his buildings, and he said there's one in my building available for next month, and it's being gut-renovated down to the floors. He will show it to me in a few weeks. Now, Peanut and I were not planning on moving quite so soon, but I love my building, this apartment is one floor down and on the front of the building, and will be all brand new. Hmm. We'll look at it, and we're under no pressure to take it, but I feel like it's a good sign all around.

Also, I got a $1000 discretionary bonus from my job today! I was pretty sure that wouldn't be happening given the economy, and it's less than the $1500 bonus I got last year, but I am definitely not complaining. I'm just going to stash the cash for right now, and will probably use it for moving expenses when the time comes.

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