Monday, March 30, 2009


Although Spa Week doesn't technically begin until the 13th, when I called to book my appointments only a few hours after the listings went up, the spas were so full I had to pick earlier dates--which means my appointments are NEXT WEEK!

I can't wait.

I booked an hour-long massage at a place I've been to before and loved. That's on Thursday. On Tuesday, I decided to go have some lasers shot into a sensitive part of my body for laser hair removal. Ugh.

I have a love/hate relationship with electrolysis. I cannot justify paying more than $1,000 to have a totally hair-free bikini line forever (and I have a suspicion it would cost me much more than $1,000 for 6-8 visits). But I really like the results, and I don't find the pain all that bad (in fact, I've been complimented on my "high tolerance"). So I'll be forking out another $50 + tip for the procedure (my...fourth? fifth?) and I won't have to shave until August or so. Yay!

I'm mostly looking forward to the massage though. The last time I went to this place I both fell asleep and cried, it was so good. I hope I'm not disappointed. That's another $50 + a very good tip.

Both visits will be paid for by the ginormous dance job I did last week.

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