Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday LinkFest

First off, an accountability report about yoga and eating breakfast at home: Success! I had oatmeal on Wednesday and cold pizza on Thursday before I left for work. Last night I did a 20 minute yoga CD. Now I just need to make these things habit!

This article at Amateur Asset Allocator does a great job explaining the different kinds of IRAs. I did a little more investigation and discovered that contributing to a Roth for 2008 will NOT make a difference in my taxable income and will not lower the amount I have to pay. I'm fairly mystified that TurboTax VERY CLEARLY stated that this might be the case, when it clearly isn't. Perhaps because they just lumped it in with traditional IRAs?

Interestingly, even Lifehacker mentions putting money into a Roth IRA to get a deduction. IT'S NOT TRUE! Oh, well.

Laundry tips for apartment dwellers! FINALLY people are recognizing that we can't all do a load a day and giving some great tips! I've been struggling with my laundry "solutions" for a while--I have a pop-up hamper whose handles ripped the first time I used it and two mesh bags that are threatening to fall apart at any second. I think I'm going to buy a normal, cheap plastic hamper or laundry basket and use IKEA bags to tote stuff back and forth from now on.

I also buy laundry detergent at Costco (one container will last me over a year!) and pour it into plastic or glass bottles to take to the 'mat with me. If you do this, just keep an eye on your giant container--there's an air valve that you need to use or the corners will crack and detergent will leak all over everything. I promise. (As a side note, do not store your giant detergent on the top shelf of your closet--massive amounts of undiluted detergent pouring onto them WILL ruin your clothes.

Likewise, Cheap Healthy Good talks about meal planning for singles, couples and working people--finally, people are realizing that it's not only budget-conscious families who are interested in saving some money! Her routine sounds pretty much like what Peanut and I do except for the circular shopping. We could probably get a better deal by visiting more than one store and shopping those sales, but we have to physically carry everything we buy, so we usually end up going to the grocery store nearest his apartment and not even looking for sales at the other two between there and the subway. We do check the circular for an out-of-the-way grocery store that carries Peanut's favorite frozen pizzas and has other really great sales but that's it.

We still waste food sometimes because it's hard to plan ahead as to where we're staying--all sorts of things make that decision change, but we can usually carry sandwich stuff back and forth and we do keep some duplicate items in each of our fridges. We're looking forward to an easier process when we live there. The comments on CHG's post are also really helpful.

Here's a coupon for a buy one get one sundae at Baskin Robbins!

Cabinets from old suitcases! I love this idea! I might start keeping an eye on the old suitcases that sometimes appear on trash night. Peanut and I are also thinking of doing shelves from salvaged drawers, like this.

More printable coupons. I am finding that more stores are accepting coupons printed from online, which makes me very happy.

Publishers are offering free ebooks! I recently read Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom which was released online under a Creative Commons license at the same time it was published, and it was great to have a book I could read on a screen (it helped that it's a pretty short and easy read!). I'm going to check out these new free ebooks--Red Mars in particular was recommended to me. I actually dreamed about the Kindle last night. WANT.

Something I'm going to try to use this month: steel cut oatmeal from Jamba Juice for $1.


  1. Thanks much for clearing up the Roth issue. I was under the impression that there was no tax benefit (at least not yet) and your previous post that mentioned one got my hopes up. Looks like we're both a little disappointed. Still, we're both lucky to even have enough to save. Guess we can't complain.

  2. Excellent point, M! I'm a little annoyed that even though I've understood how Roths work (after-tax money) I "fell" for the tax benefit claim on TurboTax and other websites. But as you say--at least I have enough to save and invest for retirement. That's hard to complain about!


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