Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I want something new!

I don't know what is going on with me lately. I have been craving something shiny and new. Like an iPhone, or a new wardrobe, or a new apartment. Or at least a new something in the kitchen, like a baker's rack or microwave stand. I can't quite figure out what's going on with me.

Peanut and I have been talking about getting a family cell phone plan which would mean phone upgrades for us both. I could upgrade my two-year-old Palm (which I have no complaints about) for a brand new Blackberry Curve or Blackberry Pearl. Or I could get an iPhone (mmmm, want...), which comes with all sorts of fun apps that aren't available for the Palm. I was even thinking about the Google phone, or perhaps a Palm Pre like FB is talking about. Ooooh, a new phone to play with, a shiny one that's all brand new and not scuffed up and, well...you know. Old.

Or new clothes. Yeah. New shoes, and sweaters, and some dresses for work now that it's getting warm enough. Knee high boots to replace the ones I don't like. More dress pants in varied colors. Ballet flats! Fun undies and socks! I'm just tired of a lot of my clothes and want to swap stuff out for new stuff.

I'm also really torn about apartments. There's an apartment on the floor below me that's being gut renovated and when I asked my landlord to keep me in mind for larger one bedrooms opening up this summer, he invited me to call him to set up a time to look at it. I peeked in yesterday morning while the workers were measuring and it's almost finished and NICE. New floors and everything. It would cost a bit more than my apartment, and it's about the same size but a different layout which might make all the difference.

We were not planning on moving until this summer. But every time I walk on my old floors and get bits of floor stuck to my foot, or have to look at my sagging kitchen floor or cabinets, I WANT. I loved my apartment so much when I moved in a year ago (when it was MINEMINEMINE), and I still love some bits of it to death (like my blue bathroom or the many windows)...but now I've got a very icky dissatisfaction going on. I don't know how to kick it.

Basically what this all boils down to (I think) is that I really haven't done any "fun" shopping since Christmas. I've gotten a lot of necessary things, like cough medicine and groceries and toilet paper. But I haven't shopped for anything "fun" like a funky clock for my living room, or seriously, boots to replace the ones that hurt my feet, or even just a new nail polish*. And of course, the fact that I'm fantasizing about new apartments and new phones and an entire new wardrobe means that I simply can't trust myself to go shopping, even window shopping.

So. What do I do about all this? I think I'm going to call the landlord and set up a time to see the apartment, just to see what he's charging for a nicer place than the one I'm living in. We are simply not ready to move, no way around that, but it won't hurt for the landlord to keep me in mind over the next several months. And maybe he'll tell me it's already been rented and end the wondering that way. I'm not going clothes shopping for pleasure, period. And Peanut is still in contract for another month or so, so we can look at phones all we want and figure out what we're going to do later.

I do have to buy some costume pieces this weekend--a short black dress (~$20 at Forever 21 or somewhere similar), a white men's dress shirt ($5-10 at Conway, or even Goodwill), and I might even go to Payless to see if they have gold strappy sandals. I already have some, but they have black heels (?!) and look really bizarre with the costume, since every other piece is gold and white. If I don't find them, no biggie. Maybe those necessary (and tax deductible) bits of shopping will help get this out of my system.

I am also going to try to do some major decluttering. I've been waiting to get rid of certain things (read: those damn knee high boots) until I find a better pair, but maybe it would be better to simply toss the stuff I don't like anymore and replace it when it gets replaced.

*And yet, as I write this, I think of the "emergency" manicure I got for myself less than three weeks ago, as well as all the free furniture I've picked up from the street over the past few months. What's up with my brain?!


  1. Are you bored like me? I start dreaming up of things I er... NEED.. when I get bored :)

    Like for instance:
    1. Shoulder bag for being an NYC tourist (I have one but I hate it)

    2. ballet tape for my toes to avoid blisters

    3. Blister block

    4. New camera!

    5. and the list goes on... I have a huge memo in my Palm about things I should be looking out for

    As for the Palm Pre - I am totally rocking that when I move to the States. It's my present, to me for making it across the border in one piece and legally. LOL

  2. You have spring fever! I always want to go shopping when the weather starts clearing up. Luckily I have ZERO spare dollars this month (er, year), so I know I won't slip up right now.


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