Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monday morning LinkFest

I compared my cell phone bill at both BillShrink and Validas and I can clearly get a better deal. My contract is up in about a week, and Peanut's is up next month--I think we'll look pretty closely at getting a family plan. I'm currently paying $81 a month for unlimited everything, but I don't NEED unlimited everything, so I can find something better.

This spreadsheet over at QuarterLife Finances reminds me of the spreadsheet that Peanut created for me which allows me to see all my balances at the same time. I use a different template for my savings accounts, maybe I'll show it off some time.

In conjunction with my post and FB's post, Lifehacker talks about some passwords you should never use. Despite my treatise, I totally use "password" as my password on a lot of accounts at work, but only for things that really make no difference.

The new-to-me Choystercash has a great play-along introduction to couponing!

I always like seeing Use It Up, Wear It Out Make It Do or Do Without at the bottom of posts from The NonConsumer Advocate. Here, they post a challenge about doing just that!

Get Rich Slowly lists 25 Useful Financial Rules of Thumb.

Credit Karma (which purports to estimate your credit score looks interesting but as MoneyMateKate finds out, it's not necessarily anywhere near accurate! Credit Karma's guesstimate was 86 points lower than her actual score! (Congrats to her, by the way, for resolving her apartment situation! The real estate market here in New York is just unbelievable and as much as I want a shiny new apartment, I dread the search process.)

PC Mag shows you how to delete your account at a lot of very common websites, including Friendster (rememer them?!), (which had to admit that really, no one is looking for you), eBay and Paypal, and many others. (Via TheConsumerist) It's a little scary reading through that list to see how many of those "unique" websites are owned by the same few companies.


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