Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit Linkfest

The Never Again File from Unclutterer is pretty clever. My Never Again File includes getting books from work for a certain person who's consistently unappreciative, the three wrong kinds of pizza I got for Peanut at Christmas, and definitely certain restaurants in New York City. Learning from our mistakes is important, but this is a realistic way to actually do so.

LivingAlmostLarge's I'm Not Frugal rant really struck a chord with me. This was posted around the time I first started feeling this cold, and Peanut and I were tired of haggling over groceries to the point that we weren't sure we could justify buying two bricks of cheese because it would almost certainly put us over the $400 monthly goal for the Food Challenge. We decided to toss out the challenge and focus on WHY we're being frugal. We have goals to focus on--live independently, pay down student loan debt, live within our means in order to save and invest in real estate or travel or something else in the future--rather than depriving ourselves of a $2.49 brick of cheese.

I have been meaning to try to make these Homemade hotpockets but I've wanted to wait until I'm not coughing all over everything. I think next weekend will be a cooking weekend--homemade hotpockets and homemade granola for Peanut's shakes. MMMMMM.

I opened a Roth IRA with $1,000 (my bonus and a bit of savings; I didn't realize you needed a minimum to do so) using information from this GetRichSlowly article. I opened my account at Vanguard, which also provides a pretty hefty discount at TurboTax!

I'm giving Outright a try based on this post at Money Under 30. I haven't paid estimated taxes since I try to keep the tax I owe under $1,000, but I've never actually KNOWN that that would be the case. Since I keep such obsessive track of these things, it makes sense to use a program designed for the purpose. I just hope it stays free in beta, although it's a cost I could expense.

I was all set to be like Pssh, whatever, I still don't like Suze Orman until I saw the second-to-last paragraph of this post. Taking care of stuff you love is ridiculously easy compared to taking care of stuff you don't like or just don't care about. It's a joy to clean my own apartment; it was a job to clean up any apartment I shared with a roommate. Perhaps Suze is on to something, but I'll wait and let Boostrap Budget do a review of Women & Money before I read it.

Apparently, Mrs. Obama's arms are being coveted by more people than just me. My exercise goals fall more in the realm of "fun" and "stretchy" than either "cardio" or "strength-training", but toned arms is definitely one of the areas of my body I'd like to work on.

Unclutterer and list a few ways I can find yoga videos online. I'll be using those to try to meet my New Year's Resolution of yoga several times a week, starting with once a week this month.

My kitchen is definitely the least favorite part of my apartment--the floor is uneven, the cupboard space is woefully inadequate, and the counter space is even smaller. So this article is very welcome, and some of the ideas it links to are really fantastic (a pegboard above the stove? Awesome! That would totally work for me!) I'm going to start looking at the kitchen with an eye for improvement rather than regretting what could have been.

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