Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday update

I'm in the middle of midterms--both were takehome, which seems like a good thing, but one was a business plan and one is an 18-question test which requires several paragraphs per question. They're going well, but they've been taking a lot of time!

I got a little bit of shopping out of my system--I hit up H&M for a few costume pieces I need. I also picked up some strappy gold heels at Payless for $10 (originally $23). I just hope they don't kill my feet!

Thursday I went to Shecky's Girls Night Out here in NYC, which was an interesting experience. I paid $15.00 for a goody bag ticket through GoldStar (half price!), and I went because a friend said that last year she was carting home bags and bags of free full size bottles of products and samples, plus, hello, free booze and food! The economy has really hit the event, I think, because the goody bags were disappointing (and uneven--my friend got several things in hers that I didn't get in mine) and the samples were nonexistent. We did get a lot of free liquor, which more than made up for the ticket price, and also a free hand massage, which was nice. I didn't realize the event was basically a shopping bazaar, but I didn't purchase anything. Total spent: ~$20 (goody bag and I split a cab to the subway since the event was out on freaking 11th Avenue and it was COLD).

Honestly, I felt a little dirty and disappointed after the Girls Night Out. It was a huge group of women at their worst--catty, line-cutting, selfish, and nasty (there was at least one fight involving drink flinging, how classy). The security guards seemed almost beside themselves trying to control the masses of grown women, all there for free alcohol and samples and "deals" on jewelry and designer clothes. I feel about this event the way I feel about the running of the brides--sometimes, I am ashamed of my gender.

This weekend is fairly low-key. Peanut and I are going out to eat with a rewards gift card, and I'll make granola tonight. Tomorrow is the final rehearsal for this huge job we've been working towards, and I'm very happy about that. I have a LinkFest to work on, but in the meantime, here's how I stand on my March goals, midway through the month:

1. File taxes and FAFSA paperwork. I filed my FAFSA using estimated numbers and will pick up the last of my tax paperwork this weekend, and hopefully file during next week.

2. Consider opening a Roth IRA with my bonus. Roth IRA opened!

3. Start looking for plane tickets. I've got a couple fare alerts set up--Peanut and I moved our trip up to May so we can go during my break from classes and hit up a renn faire. I'm getting excited!

4. Find a different way to approach two of my New Year’s Resolutions. I was having a hard time doing yoga three times a week and eating breakfast at home twice a week (which is to say, I was doing neither) so my March goal was to do each once per week. So far I've been doing pretty well--I ate oatmeal at home one day last week and last weekend, we made a blueberry buckle which I ate a few days this week. I did yoga once last week but haven't done it this week. Maybe I'll try to squeeze something in tonight.

5. File all receipts for flex spending reimbursement. I have been submitting paperwork like I'm afraid some government agency is after me. I've got $60 currently pending at my bank and easily another $60 to submit before the end of the month, and I've been going to the dentist for a root canal/post and crown procedure so at some point I'll have all that paperwork to file too.

Things are going well!

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