Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seeing the sun again

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and I think I've identified some of the biggest reasons.

1. Money stress. I'm feeling a little pinched of late, mostly from looking at the budget Peanut and I will be using after we move in together, which gives me a lot more breathing room, a clothing budget, an extra $200 or so into retirement, and possibly a fancy iPhone. I've been watching ticket prices for our trip down south, and they're not budging downward, and even though gas prices are cheaper than they've been for a long time, these prices are more expensive than I've ever paid to go visit my parents.

2. Time stress. I haven't had any weekends! I have been going to the dentist every Saturday for weeks to get dental work done (root canal and crown, cavity filling). Then I've had rehearsals every Sunday since early January in preparation for last week's Purim job--now that that's over, we're starting up with the summer shows. School is back in session after spring break, and one of my classes announced our final project--a major group presentation. All of my reserved library books showed up at the same time, and they all have other holds and can't be renewed so I need to get reading!

3. Work stress. I generally like my job a lot, but the economic situation is causing the money people to institute all sorts of inane policies designed to save money, while increasing my workload about 30%. At least my boss is on my side in this, but this week broke my spirit a little bit.

4. Stuff stress. Not sure how to really phrase this one. I feel like my apartment is really, really cluttered, but I'm not there enough/don't have enough time to do anything about it. I hate being surrounded by a bunch of stuff I don't love and feeling like I don't have room to spread out.

Not much to be done about some of these things. After tomorrow's rehearsal/photo shoot, I will be taking a break until school's over. I have two more dentist visits to finish everything up until my normal cleaning this summer. But as far as the money and work stuff, I'm just going to have to buckle down and get through until things get back to normal and Peanut moves in. In the meantime, I'm going to start small--finish up my computer stuff for today, read my book club book, and enjoy today's lovely day. Tomorrow I'll do some decluttering while the laundry's going.

All in all--it will get better!


  1. I feel that way a lot when I see messes all around me. A little decluttering or a nap will help, trust me :)

  2. It will get better - hang in there!


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