Monday, March 9, 2009

Various income streams

I think to some extent I am giving up on this whole “need various income streams” thing. I’m talking about InboxDollars, survey opportunities, affiliate marketing, any kind of making money online and to a fairly large extent (for right now) mystery shopping.

Basically, I have not been getting a return that’s worth the time investment. All the online stuff pays such a paltry amount and I don’t really care about it. I’d rather try to wean myself off the computer than make money while I’m using it. I didn’t start this blog to make money. It’s not costing me any money, and it won’t get any kind of hosting of its own until it starts generating enough money to pay for said hosting.

And even mystery shopping...I don’t know. I just don’t care anymore. The paperwork and the logging of everything just made it not worth it, except for a few very specific restaurant shops that I will continue to apply for when they become available. At most, these will be two per month and even that’s not guaranteed. I think I hit a stretch of shops with ridiculously detailed instructions and/or longer-than-average reports, and had to battle for several hundred dollars’ worth of pay. Also doing my taxes—I realize that the point is to keep expenses high relative to income in order to have the lowest net income to pay taxes on...but I would also really love to have simple taxes. Or even just one Schedule C to file instead of three this year.

I’ve had this “must bring in money from other places” for several years now—I worked more than one job most of the way through college, partly to keep busy and keep from being bored and resentful, and especially right afterwards, when any one of my part-time, fairly uncertain jobs were definitely not enough to cover my rent and still allow me to eat. But my life is not like that anymore--and all of these additional income streams are ANYTHING but passive.

I have more than enough stuff to do (work, school, Peanut, friends, dance company, living in New York City) that I don’t need to be focused on dragging in $11 for an hour’s worth of mystery shopping work.So I’m giving myself (and my inbox) a break. I can support myself on what I bring in, and if necessary, tap into my savings. My living expenses will go down later this year (plus I’ll have my favorite person for a roommate!). I’m going to focus on school and work instead of making money from other avenues, and just see how that goes for a while. If I get too bored, I can always pick it up again.


  1. I think the only things that worked really well for me was Pay Per Post as they pay $3 - $7 per post which is pretty easy money for 200 words

    Other than that, it was too long to do the surveys and all that other crap. You had to think a lot. :P

  2. I totally agree. I have given up doing most of those things as well. I would rather focus on paying my debt down and enjoying my life.

  3. agreed! I used to tutor like crazy! but the time I took to get to their houses and then get home made it completely not worthwhile. For the right family I would go back to it, but not three or four students a week like I used to do.

    Inbox dollars is a huge waste of time! I was excited about that for about a month, until after a month of openign everything I had not even made the $15 required to get a payment...urgh.


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