Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Goals

March Recap
1. File taxes and FAFSA paperwork. Done!

2. Consider opening a Roth IRA with my bonus. Done! I only got $1,000 in for 2008, but at least I now have a Roth IRA open, and no excuses not to add to it for 2009.

3. Start looking for plane tickets. I have started using Farecast and Kayak to research plane ticket prices for our trip to meet my family in May. So far, prices are way too high--I'm hoping to pay $150 per ticket, and they're at $218 each. It's still early, though.

4. Find a different way to approach two of my New Year’s Resolutions. Eh, sort of. I had a good streak at the beginning of the month with eating breakfast at home (or at least bringing oatmeal or granola to eat at my desk instead of buying a bagel) and I did yoga a few times. I'm not satisfied with my pogress.

5. File all receipts for flex spending reimbursement. I submitted one round of receipts and got reimbursed. All my dental work will be done by the end of April, so I will submit more receipts soon.

April Goals
1. Survive! I have two presentations and a group project to complete this month, as well as a two week long sales conference, my birthday, Spa Week visits, a school-sponsored lecture, my one year anniversary with Peanut, and a friend visiting from out of town. I'd like to make it through the month with as much calmness and sanity as possible, as well as not spending that much money on convenience food and/or retail therapy.

2. Use up some coupons. I have various coupons for free things (free panty and mini body lotion from VS, free product from Aveda, etc) and I don't want to lose them! Also, try to use coupons at the grocery store/drug store more often as well.

3. Book trip down South, including plane tickets and rental car. This will depend on ticket prices, but we're going in mid-to-late May, so the end of April is probably the last chance for good deals anyway.

4. Do some serious decluttering. I think it might be time to get rid of a contentious piece of kitchen furniture, and I definitely have a lot of other things--clothes, books, etc--that I am ready to say good-bye to. It's just time to sit down and pull them all together, take photos of them (for tax purposes) and cart them off to Goodwill.

5. Not pay any library fines. All my reserved books came available at the same time, and most of them are reserved by other library users so I can't renew them. I'd like to read them all and return them on time. We'll see!

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