Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Recap/May Goals

I'd do the networth and spending update today but I know I'm about to go spend a bunch of money tonight (groceries, toilet paper, hair gunk, book club milkshake, etc). In the meantime...

April Recap

1. Survive! Um, check? I had a very busy month but things have gone swimmingly overall. The end (of the semester, and of grad school as a whole) is in sight!

2. Use up some coupons. I got two free panties and a free lotion from Victoria's Secret, $45 off a New York & Co purchase, six months of shampoo and conditioner for $6, and some other deals using coupons. I'm still not that great about using them at the grocery store, but I think that a lot of things I typically buy do not come with coupons (like fresh produce).

3. Book trip down South, including plane tickets and rental car. Plane tickets are booked and although I spent more than I would have liked, prices have only risen since I bought, so I think that's good. Rental car not yet booked; I'm waiting to see if the flight prices drop enough to get me an Orbitz fare guarantee credit. Otherwise I will start Naming My Own Price--I hope to spend no more than $10 per day on the rental car. Also, a friend got us free tickets to the Renn Faire--yay!

4. Do some serious decluttering. I've been doing this sporadically and have bagged up some stuff--it'll roll over to May.

5. Not pay any library fines. Fail--I paid $2 in library fines. Two books X four days late X $.25 each. Oops.

May Goals
1. Give up soda entirely. For health, wealth, and dental-related reasons. I don't even drink that much--maybe 2-3 Dr. Peppers per week. But I still want to kick the habit. I stopped drinking soda for a year when I was in college and it was great--I slept better, didn't feel as bloated or burpy, probably didn't get any cavities...May is a good time to do it, since my classes end next week and I won't have that habit of popping into a bodega on my way to school. I, um, might cheat on my trip home. And if I do, I will not beat myself up over it. But I'm really going to try to quit drinking it altogether during "normal" life.

2. Yoga, yoga, yoga. I've been collecting short (~20 minutes) yoga videos to do at home, and I have some goals in mind (be able to do sirsasana [supported headstand] by the end of the year, be able to lay flat in Paschimottanasana [seated forward bend]). I have noticed a big difference when I manage to do a couple of these videos each week. I've also started lifting small handweights a few days a week to try and firm up that pesky underarm wobble. Since I don't have time to go to dance class or rehearsal lately, I'm not getting any exercise and I feel wimpy.

3. Get rid of stuff. I have been decluttering in anticipation of moving or having Peanut move in with me, but everything's sitting in bags under my desk. It'll be a few trips to carry it all to Goodwill, or maybe one trip in my granny cart, but there's also a fairly large piece of kitchen furniture I want to get rid of--but I do NOT want to just leave it on the street. This piece cost me a lot of money and headache to put together and move, and I don't want to just give it away for free. I've listed it on Craigslist but had no takers--at least if I take it to Goodwill I can write it off on my taxes. But I will need a friend with a car for this....Hmmm...

4. Develop a budget for my trip home and stay within it. Overall, it should be a fairly cheap trip. We'll spend two nights with my parents and two nights with two different friends, so no lodging costs. We'll be doing a lot of driving (probably 10-12 hours over the weekend) so the rental car and gas will be the biggest expenses. We'll have a few meals out. I'd like to pick up a gift for my friend--it's the first time I'll be meeting her new baby. Admission to the Renn Faire is free, but we'll still need to pay for food (I wonder if we can bring a picnic and leave to eat at the car? I don't remember.). I'll have to buy sunscreen down there, since we won't be checking our bags and I will need more than 3 oz of it! I think that's it.

5. Start looking for apartments but don't get my heart set on anything yet. It's too early to find anything for July 1 here, although we *might* find something at the end of the month. Which would be great since it would work out best for my giving 30 days notice at my current place. I spoke to my landlord today about another open apartment in my building, but it's "not as nice" as my current place (and he's asking more for it!). Since we've been seeing some really nice places pictured online, we won't bother to see it.

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