Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ethical dilemma

remember my nosebleed from yesterday? I had another massive sudden one today which ruined my khaki dress pants. since I had dinner plans I swung by a store and grabbed a pair of clearance jeans. I was torn between regular jeans and some trouser jeans and ended up with the regular ones, which I now regret (i didn't sit down while trying them on--whoops!). I wore them for about three hours while out for dinner. they're still in pristine condition. would it be totally wrong to take them back and exchange them for the trouser jeans? I will never, ever wear them again if I keep them. $40 down the drain or a dubiously ethical exchange? what would you do? fwiw, I would have no problem buying jeans that had been in the same situation for this clearance price. but I hate the people who ''buy'' formal wear and return it for a refund after the event. is this like that or is it different? I am not going to simply return them--the store shouldn't have to loan me clothes for free. I just want to have something I'll wear again. help?


  1. Just return them. The next person who buys them will wash them before they wear them. However, if you took the tags off - I dont know if they will let you return them??


  2. It's different, I'd return them. It's not like you bought them to wear and return. You wore them, and discovered that they don't fit well. There's nothing wrong with returning them. You just tried them on for 3 hours rather than 3 minutes. :)

  3. If you still have the tags and there's no visible proof that you wore them, return them for the trouser jeans. But don't tell them you wore them for the day!

  4. I concur. Return-you didn't buy them under the assumption you would just wear them once and return. BTW try pouring a little peroxide on your khakis and scrubbing with a tooth brush. Then wash the spot with cold water and bar soap (dove, ivory etc.) I bet you can get it out.


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