Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday LinkFest

Define underemployed, please! I could have more responsibility than I have now, and almost everyone says they don't get paid enough. I've never seen a very good actual definition of "underemployed".

Related: I've worked more than one job many times, and often because I was just used to it. It started out as needing the money, but sometimes it's also because I don't want all my eggs in one basket, or I get bored easily, or I just like some of the weird stuff people will pay for.

I'm so glad I quit smoking. Cigarettes are now around $9 per pack here. My wallet and my lungs thank me!

An excellent post about getting "unstuck" from information overload.

I'd like to be a little more of a jack of all trades. I can already handle car problems (basic to advanced), do a little basic cooking, and general first aid. I'd like to brush up on first aid, be more comfortable about babies, chop veggies like a chef, and not kill every plant I've tried to grow.

Yikes! I've seen quite a few posts lately about card skimmers. I usually try to notice if anything's different, but I'm going to be extra vigilant when going to the ATM from now on.

Yes! Text message spam might get banned altogether.

Would you date someone who was unemployed? As my comment on Shtinkykat's post says, it would really depend on their attitude about it.


  1. I see a lot of the doomsayers talking about underemployment because it's not factored into unemployment numbers.

    As for me, I'm not underpaid, but I am underemployed. I have a very strong technical background & will have a Masters degree in May, but my job mostly consists of paperwork.

  2. Would I date someone who was unemployed? I don't think so, but it would depend on the situation. So many people have been laid off recently. And someone who's unemployed, waiting to start school next semester, is different than someone bumming around indefinitely.

    My BF has been unemployed for a couple of months, and it's def. stressful. Layoffs suck. He will probably go back to studying, but won't be able to start his degree till next year.

    Lots of people won't rent to the unemployed. It's going to be really hard for people to find places to live I think, but I guess a lot of them will be forced to move home. The rental market here seems to be tighening up right now so landlords can choose to be picky.


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