Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Peanut has informed me that the apartment wishlist I posted yesterday is not OUR wishlist but MY wishlist, because he is perfectly happy living anywhere "even if it just had a hotplate". So we will start looking at apartments but I'll have to make the final decision. I hope I don't panic like I did when trying to pick a Korean restaurant for our anniversary!

Actually, this makes me pretty happy--
  • I'm definitely pickier than he is (that bathtub request was mine, as was the kitchen, and allowing cats, and the walkup limit, and the laundromat location--although the grocery store is all him)
  • I've done a lot more apartment shopping in New York (this will be my fifth apartment here; it will be his second)
  • The last time I hunted for apartments with someone else, I ended up compromising on a lot of things I later regretted (location for parking b/c she had a car, private house b/c she thought it would be ok, 3 bedroom b/c she wanted space for her hamsters, no closet in my bedroom but it was "so big"). This way, all my desires will be met! Mua ha ha.
Interestingly enough, it had crossed my mind a week or so ago that if we had to look at apartments separately (for example, Peanut goes while I am in school), I would 100% trust him to put down a deposit on a place without my seeing it. Given that hotplate comment, I wonder if I should retract this feeling, however!


  1. Definitely retract that feeling! LOL!!

    Oh dear.. Just a hot plate. I couldn't imagine.

  2. Seriously. The way that boy makes pizza? A hot plate is not going to cut it for me.

    Scarily, he's not quite joking--I DID see some apartments that only had hotplates. That whole New Yorkers never use their kitchens is woefully true.


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