Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Link, not a LinkFest

Cell phone taxes are really outrageous here in New York. We talked about having the bill sent to Peanut's parents' house in the midwest. We'd save a lot of money this way--maybe $20 a month. It's not really honest, but...where do you cross the line to save money? You could argue that the NY taxes aren't ethical either, especially since that 911 fee wasn't going to 911 services at all. And someone could argue right back that this, like rent and food prices, are just another cost of living in a major metropolitan area. And you could argue right back that when your phone number is out of state, you shouldn't have to pay taxes to another state. And you could continue arguing around and around and around.

It might be a moot point, since if Peanut joins my plan, it would still be "officially" in my name, and I've never lived at his parents' house. Or we might treat it like downloading certain movies, with the excuse that the movie studios aren't, in fact, losing money by us doing this, since they are movies we would NEVER, EVER pay for, and would instead forego watching altogether, and then wouldn't talk about them to our friends if we end up liking them after watching a pirated version. Sometimes I think I could talk myself into (or out of) just about anything.

In other money news, I was able to reschedule my $50 focus group to this weekend, since today was just bonkers at work and I didn't have a lunch break to speak of. I was surprised they were willing to reschedule me at all, so yay for making $50! I also requested a $21 check from SurveySpot. It takes a long time, but those surveys do seem to add up!

I am looking forward to a quiet evening, with hopefully very little time spent online. I want to do yoga, cook a delicious meal, and do some reading. I do not want to get sucked into the vortex of Google Reader, askmefi, or worse, check my classmate's progress on our final assignment and realize that they are STILL not posting, ignoring deadlines, and otherwise giving me an ulcer.

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  1. Congrats on your survey money adding up. It's exciting to see a little here a little there equal real money. I'm currently focusing on adsense and my shopstyle blogs - have earned $150 so far in both of those, so enjoy the extra income. I've done some local study groups as well, but the time it takes to get accepted into one takes almost too long for the $50 to be worth it.


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