Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Analysis

Misc income: $475.60

Which includes a flex care reimbursement, a few YouData payments, a settlement check from the Airborne class action lawsuit, mystery shop payments, and a dance job payment.

$85 earmarked for travel and gifts
Retirement $1,000 (Roth IRA)

Total Savings: $1,085

Blow $4 (cab fare from the Shecky's event)
Cell phone $81.10
Dance expenses $77.28 (mostly travel, a few costume pieces)
Entertainment $24.35 (books from Amazon and refilling my Paperbackswap postage money)
Food--dining out $266.27
Food--groceries $123.94
Gifts $31.63
Household $15.40 (my share of a Costco membership; also a colander)
Laundry $13.00
Medical $112.48 (dentist, OTC medicines)
Mystery shop expenses $5.58
Rent $1,100
Taxes $504.66 (federal, state, and tax prep fees)
Therapy $60
Utilities $55.74
Personal $10.99

Total spending: $2,486.42

You'll notice that this is more than I actually brought in this month! But the taxes and gifts were paid out of sinking funds created for those purposes. Plus the medical and therapy costs will be reimbursed by flex spending dollars next month. Overall, not too bad, particularly for food--Peanut and I landed at $620 for the month, but he assured me he's expecting some reimbursement for meals during overtime. Our goal for when we live together is to spend $600 or less on food per month.

I updated my Networth IQ as well (see sidebar) -- WOW! My brand new Roth IRA made $108 in a month (up 10%) and my other retirement accounts are also up (overall, 24%). My credit card bill is up since I haven't paid anything off in this cycle yet (I will though, don't you worry)--I charged two books on Amazon, my tax preparation fees, and one of my spa week visits. I was under the impression that they're not actually supposed to charge your card until the service is provided or the goods delivered, but whatever. If something doesn't work out next week I can always do a charge-back.

Overall, I'm quite pleased that the stock market seems to have started rising back up--while I'm not where I was before the recession started, I'm actually improving again.

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