Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mmmm, mushrooms

Twistie posted a great list of "mushroom caps" she's not going to stuff, and I love the metaphor. While I might *actually* stuff mushroom caps (yum, sounds good!), here are a few things I'm no longer going to bother with:

My life is too short to feel guilty for not wanting to be more social. I'm a homebody and I'm going to be ok with that.

My life is too short to not live it the way *I* want, and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

My life is too short to have anything in my home that I don't love. So--time to declutter!

My life is too short to stress about stuff that I can't control. Every once in a while, I get really worked up over where Peanut and I are going to live or how my mother will react to something or other, or something else that I really don't need to worry about, or at least don't need to worry about yet.

What mushroom caps do you refuse to stuff?


  1. Definitely made me smile, and it came at the perfect time! I've been worrying for a few days about a non-issue, and it feels wonderful to realize that!

    My life is definitely too short to continue living with things I don't love...I'm way overdue for some more decluttering.

    My life is also too short to NOT do the things that make me happy. I've been "worrying" about what others are thinking about my sudden fascination with belly dancing....but who cares! I'm loving it, and its been good for me.

    There are so many things....but I don't want to hog up your comment space. ;-)

  2. ooooooo i like it.

    Life is too short to worry about how I want to do a wedding in a way that will please every relative I have. Especially now! Not even engaged! Gah, I'm such a nut.

    Life is too short to worry about others choices. I can only control myself.

  3. Thank you! I needed this and made a list of my own!


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