Saturday, April 4, 2009

My first weekend off in a long time

The only set-in-stone appointment I had this weekend was a fairly quick dentist appointment. Afterwards, I did a mini-CVS bargain hunt: I picked up deodorant, mouthwash, a 3-pack of chapstick, and a Dr. Pepper, all for $3. I had coupons and a $10 gift card, so that was nice. CVS is kind of out of the way, and I was looking for a lot of other stuff (mousse, face wash, moisturizer, etc) and they didn't have the brands or exact product that I was looking for.

Then I went to Victoria's Secret, and picked up a free panty and a free mini body lotion using coupons that were mailed to me. Afterwards I went to New York & Co to use another coupon--I picked up two pairs of pants, a skirt, a cardigan, and five pairs of undies for abot $60. Nice!

For dinner, Peanut and I made a pizza using mozzerella we picked up at Costco for $13 for 5 pounds. We divided it up into 2 cup bags and froze it, and we're saving more than a dollar per pizza this way. Yay! Right now, we're making chocolate chip cookies, and tonight we might go to a movie.

Tomorrow I'm getting paid to go to a yoga class (one of the few mystery shops I've recently accepted) but otherwise I have no official plans. If the weather's nice, I might insist on a picnic!

Hope y'all's weekends are going well too!

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  1. I love those VS coupons! I'm sure they don't like me too much since I never really fall for using the $10 coupon that comes with the free panty. That being said...they haven't sent me one in a while. (Probably because I DON'T use that $10 coupon)

    I had a wonderfully productive weekend....I just wish it was a little longer!!


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