Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tomorrow is my birthday!

I love my birthday. Even though I share it with my brother (not twins!), my high school "nemesis" (we're friends now), my ex-boyfriend's dad, my dance teacher, my grad school teacher, and many others, I still think it's MY special day. :)

As a present to myself, I am not doing anything. Well, I had a dentist appointment already scheduled and also moved my focus group to Saturday, but I am not going to do one thing more than that. No brunches or dinners or drinks with friends. No social obligations at all. I fully intend to spend Sunday in my pajamas with dirty hair, watching movies and baking something delicious. (Peanut, if you have planned something that requires clean hair, please let me know in advance. No need to spoil the surprise, just hint that I should shower. Kthx.)

I can't wait.

And Monday is my anniversary with Peanut. It has been a really wonderful year, and I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. We don't really have plans and are not doing gifts, although we will probably go out for sushi or something to celebrate. I get so busy and caught up with work and school and book clubs and all the other things I feel like I need to be participating in that I need to remind myself that what's really important--and my favorite memories of the last year--involve just spending time with him. Reading on the couch together, playing Frisbee, making a meal, wandering and talking, hugging. So this weekend is my chance to give myself a gift and my relationship a gift and sort of shut out the world and re-energize.

I hope you all have as wonderful of a day on my birthday as I'm going to have!


  1. Happy birthday! Mine was Tuesday, my sister's was Sunday. We're a year and two days apart - just 2 days shy of being Irish twins!


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