Monday, April 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

Update on the double-charging spa: Success! I went by today during lunch and spoke with the woman in charge. She remembered me, and we figured out that the entire situation was an honest mistake--last week, the esthetician indicated that the higher amount was in addition to what I'd been charged initially when she really meant instead of. We ironed it all out today and they processed my refund with no problems (although they tried for several minutes to convince me to take a credit and come back for a facial instead). Whew--what a relief!

I got another haircut this weekend--I'd forgotten that shorter hair requires more frequent visits (I'll probably go 3-4 times a year instead of, um, once). It's more of an expense, yes, but I love it and I'm saving a ton of money on product, so I actually think it might balance out. For perspective, my friend/hairstylist charges me $25 per cut, and I went from hair that touched my waist when wet to hair that now skims my shoulders when wet. My current bottle of conditioner has lasted me since January--I used to have to buy a new one every month. So while I'll now be spending around $100 on haircuts per year, I'm no longer spending $72 per year on conditioner and $90 per year on mousse. And all the TIME that I'm no longer spending waiting around for it to dry...priceless.

I have a focus group lined up tomorrow during my lunch break--$50 to talk about cell phones. Not phenomenal, but I will take it.

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