Friday, April 3, 2009

What Should I Do For My Birthday?

You might remember that a few months ago, I was peeved when a friend of mine threw herself a birthday party and I ended up spending quite a bit more than I intended. (Another friend's birthday was last week, and I was thrilled to go out for a drink with her--it's the moneygrubbing I don't like rather than acknowledging a special day.) My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and several people have asked what I'm doing, and when I said I wasn't sure, encouraged me to do something.

I guess I could do a happy hour or something. I have school the night of my birthday, and I'll be going to class, so it would have to be another time.

I don't know. I'd rather go home and have cupcakes with Peanut, or whatever wonderful thing it is he has planned (hee hee!). I don't want gifts. I don't want cards. I don't even want lots of drinks bought for me. I wouldn't mind having all my friends in one place that wasn't work, school, or rehearsal-related, but it seems like such a hassle (and an expense!). What do adults do for their own birthdays?


  1. BRUNCH! everyone loves brunch, and its very Adult. ha ha i dunno.
    i'm the same way, birthdays are kinda blah. but at the same time, its nice to have an excuse to get your friends together. maybe something outdoors on a nice day? like drinks on a patio or a BBQ or something?

  2. I agree with lunch or brunch on the weekend.

    NO expensive alcohol required, or drinking required (I don't drink so I always feel out of place at a bar or club if everyone drinks then pressures me to do it, and gets mad when I don't)... or maybe just a get together, pot luck, BBQ.. whatever. Everyone bring a dish, chill out at your home and shoot the breeze

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  3. Two years ago I did brunch.

    Last year was the opening weekend of Sex and the City, so all us girls went to that, then the guys joined us and we went out to eat, then out to the bars.

    This year I don't think I'll be doing anything. I have a two week class and that weekend is smack dab in the middle, so I will be doing homework. I might try bunch again the weekend after.

    So, I would say brunch is good. And if there is anything exciting going on in your area, make it all about you!

  4. For mine and DH's b-days, we host game night for our friends. We have cards, board games, and video games (gee, we sound like kids!). We usually provide some snacks (and homemade b-day cake) and ask our guests to bring any games they want to share as well as their own beverages (adult or otherwise). We usually end up with a group in the kitchen playing poker, a group playing wii, a group playing board games, and few hanging out in the backyard with the dogs. Our friends and our ages range from mid twenties to mid fourties.

  5. Potlucks are fun. I have this weird thing with themes, so all the food would have to go with the theme. (For instance, this year I want to have a mexican theme, lol.) I do realize everyone isn't as cheesy as me. ;-)

    Brunch also sounds good though ....alcohol isn't really an issue, brunch is usually better priced than dinner, and you can still have the rest of the day to yourself if you wanted.


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