Saturday, May 16, 2009

All You Review

I got a free copy of All You magazine to review, um, like a month ago, and I haven't really had a chance to get around to it. All You is the magazine for Walmart, from what I can tell, available at Walmart locations or as a subscription.

I don't pay for magazine subscriptions but I rather enjoyed this review copy. It was FULL of coupons which I love. Some of the coupons are exclusive to Walmart, and some of them are manufacturer's coupons. The best ones were exclusive to Walmart (like free mascara!). There is no Walmart in New York City, and anytime rumors start up that one will be opening, people protest and picket and it doesn't happen. Luckily, I will be going down south to the Land of Walmart later this week, so I will be taking those coupons with me!

I'm not sure whether the volume of coupons is consistent in each issue--the issue I received was especially geared towards saving money. I would guess that coupons would be more prevalent than in many womens' magazines. One of the other things I liked about All You was that it wasn't trashy--I don't like Cosmo or Glamour's "16 Ways to Tell He's Cheating" and "4 Ways to Cheat Without Your Guy Knowing" type articles, so a magazine full of things about saving money was much appreciated.

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