Friday, May 1, 2009

April analysis

Networth IQ updated (see sidebar). A $2,000 increase! All in retirement accounts. Finally!
Spending analysis

Misc income: $391.26 (mostly YouData and Pinecone payments, plus two refunds and a focus group payment)

$145 into savings earmarked for travel and gifts
Blow $300 (spa week services, a few books for book club)
Cell phone $81.10
Dance expense $0.00 (wow--I didn't go to any rehearsals or classes AT ALL this month!)
Entertainment $6.93 (drinks somewhere, I guess)
Food—dining out $158.30
Food—groceries $147.18 (we were cheap, cheap, cheap this month!)
Gifts $48.70 (Mother's Day, Easter, cupcakes for our anniversary)
Laundry $10.00
Medical/Dental $200
Mystery shop expenses $22.69
Rent $1,100
Therapy $60
Utilities $52.00
Personal items $50.36 (haircut, products)
Travel $438.38 (plane tickets to visit my family in a few weeks)
Total spending: $2,675.74
Once again, more went out than came in--but a lot of those big expenses (Spa Week, travel, etc) are paid for out of sinking funds, so I've not incurred any debt.
Overall, I'm really pleased with this month. We managed to lower our food spending by quite a bit (we're not entirely sure how we did that) and I was generally pretty cheap. It's helped, I guess, that there's been a LOT going on this month with work and school, but I'd rather spend a little more each month than live with the kind of stress I've been experiencing for the last few weeks (insomnia, bad dreams, lots of frustration with work).

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