Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Disjointed update

All righty then.

Peanut and I are back from our trip down south, which was for him to meet my family and friends-who-are-family for the first time (most of my family--he'd already met my sister). As was no surprise, he passed their inspections with flying colors and we had a great, if exhausting trip.

Aside from the plane tickets ($220 each) and the car rental ($102 and change), it was fairly cheap. We spent less than $40 on gas, went out to eat only a few times, and even got free tickets to the Renaissance Festival. I got to drive a lot, got some sun and hot weather, got to hold a three month old baby, went through a bunch of old junk at my mom's house, contradanced (!) and got to visit with my grandparents, mom and stepdad, best friends and their spouses/families, both of my stepbrothers and their friends who I grew up with and even my dad (a surprise; he lives almost as far away as I do but drove down to meet me). I also had some sweet tea.

The trip was really busy--I packed way too much into it. But it had been a year since I was there last and I really wanted to see everyone and show off Peanut. It made me a little homesick, since I didn't spend enough time in any one place to get enough of anyone, much less get bored or have nothing to do. I might go back in September to speak at my alma mater, but we'll see. I also realized I have at least one (maybe two) weddings to go to this year, and will go home for Christmas, so it might be a little more financially prudent to decline the speaking invitation.

One of the very best things about this trip was that it sort of restored my priorities--I checked my email only TWICE in five days. I didn't check any blog feeds or anything else at all. My life felt much less hurried and harried, even though we were legitimately busy in real life.

As such, I've started harshly cutting out the digital clutter. I've unsubscribed from a bunch of emails, blocked a bunch of people who post useless things on Facebook, and removed quite a few blogs from my RSS aggregator. I only want to focus on stuff I want to read. Personal finance blogs seem to fall into two camps: advice/instruction (which often reads as pretty dry) and really personal (regular people doing regular stuff, messing up and paying for it, saving little by little like I am). I really only like the latter right now. I don't have debt, already know how to live within my means, save for retirement, and don't need to hear more suggestions for how to do any of the above. And if I have questions, I know where in the blogosphere to go.

I translated this into real life, too--my dance instructor wanted me to work this weekend, but I will be attending Book Expo America for my job. Could I still fit a dance job in? Sure, technically I could--the convention center closes around 5 p.m., and a job wouldn't start until 9 or later. Do I want to schedule myself that much? Definitely not--plus I'd have to go to at least one rehearsal since I haven't been to class in so long, and I am still catching up from being gone. I declined the job but I will start going to classes again next week.

I'm actually sort of torn about dancing now. I haven't been to class or rehearsals in almost two months because of graduate school. I've...sort of really enjoyed this time off. I have more time with Peanut, I'm not lugging costumes and smelly dance clothes around, I'm not grabbing junk food on my way to rehearsal or jobs, I'm not spending money on NJ Transit, I'm not getting home at 3 in the morning covered in glitter and running eye makeup.

But I've also gained about 12 pounds (yeah, no kidding!). I feel stiff and restless. I haven't stuck to any kind of regular workout or yoga schedule despite having this extra time around the house. I'm hardly moving at all. I miss my dancer friends. I miss the rush of performing, and of course, getting paid for it. I'm worried that I've missed a lot of new choreography and will struggle to catch up, and that I've gotten rusty on the old choreographies. I just miss the dancing.

I can't wait until I'm done with graduate school so I don't have to make these tradeoffs!

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  1. I've been gravitating toward the personal blogs lately as well. I tend to skip over how-to's unless it's something really original.


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