Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final job situation update

The wait is over--the job is too entry level, and the salary is ridiculously entry level--10% LESS than I'm making now. I asked the HR woman what happened, and we figured it out.

Senior person left. Their job was open. Friend mentions to the hiring manager that she knows someone who would be interested in THAT job.

Time goes by.

Mid-level person is promoted into senior position. Assistant person is promoted into mid-level position.

Time goes by.

Hiring manager gets around to filling the open spot still in his department, remembers that friend knows someone, and gives me a call. Describes job extremely vaguely. Asks me to send in resume and come in for interview.

I read online job description (just posted) and go WTF?

So. No longer insulted. No longer headhunted. Happy to put this all behind me. LMM over and out.

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  1. Stinks that there was such a miscommunication, but nice to have that situation resolved. Thanks for your thoughts earlier!


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