Friday, May 1, 2009

I wonder how long this lasts?

I quit smoking about a year ago (mid-May 2008) and I STILL get wicked cravings for a cigarette when I'm stressed out. How long does that last? Forever?

I'm glad they basically doubled in price since last summer. Paying double digits for a pack makes it much more difficult for me to slip up, but I'm really surprised at how hard the cravings still are to fight.

Granted, they're not normally this bad and it's just the inordinate amount of stress I'm under, but still.


  1. I am not sure.. but are you subbing in something else to control your stress or to address it when you get stressed?

    Sounds trite but I heard yoga works.

    BF quit a year.. almost 2 years ago. And he seems okay. A bit annoyed sometimes but I can never figure out why he's mad because it's usually not directed at me

  2. I don't think they ever go. 3.5 years since I quit, but every now and again, I get an urge for a smoke.. That said, I manage to dismiss them fairly quickly now and wonder why I ever did it in the first place!

  3. Sorry to say they don't *ever* go away! I'm over 10 years and still get the occasional urge...


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