Saturday, May 16, 2009


Dumb Little Man talks about how to improve your business writing. I would add 4) learn and use your internal preferences. One company I worked for exclusively referred to the sales force as the Reps, another hated that and used Sales Force (always capped). Be sure to get this right!

I love the butler bag! I first heard about it a few years ago on the radio and I've wanted one ever since. I think I'd go with the Allure Hybrid in grey or the 2009 hybrid in red licorice. $200 seems like a LOT to spend on a bag, though. I know that's peanuts to people who buy namebrand bags, but I don't.

This "some veggies and bacon pasta bake" looks delicious! I got a recipe for twice baked potato casserole from Cooking During Stolen Moments which is to die for.

I really liked the things Holly realized when she started trying out old tricks. I've been reading some about mindfulness lately, and her experience is a great example of what happens when we stop doing things automatically and either take a break or examine our reasons for doing them.

Boo hoo! Escape Brooklyn has escaped, and is shutting down her blog! I really enjoyed her commentary about New York and wish her well. I hope she starts up a new blog!

Crunchy Chicken talks about preventing in-grown hairs by mixing up your own version of Tend Skin. I can't tell you how awesome this is--I love Tend Skin but it's ridiculously expensive so I'll be trying this soon.

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