Sunday, May 31, 2009

May recap/June goals

May Recap/June Goals
May Goals
1. Give up soda entirely. Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, right.

2. Yoga, yoga, yoga. Ha! Ha! Ha! Again. I think I did ok for like the first week of the month and then fail.

3. Get rid of stuff. Done! We took an enormous load of stuff to Goodwill and I also sold the microwave cart that was awkwardly taking up most of my kitchen.

4. Develop a budget for my trip home and stay within it. Done. Although I don't think we set a budget so much as decided to try to keep it cheap, which we mostly succeeded in doing.

5. Start looking for apartments but don't get my heart set on anything yet. Nope. Everything we saw posted was for June 1, and we don't want to be paying double rent. We'll start looking next weekend.

June Goals
1. Stay sane. I will have a lot going on this month, and I'd like to stay calm as much as possible. This means cutting out anything extra or unnecessary.

2. Keep trying to quit drinking soda. Thanks to my fail from last month.

3. Aim for more yoga and/or physical activity in general. Same.

4. Work on getting my job to help me pay for a trip home. This isn't as nefarious as it sounds. They're setting up a satellite office two hours from my parents home, and I was invited to speak at my alma mater (where my parents now work) but didn't think I could swing paying for the flight and rental car with two weddings coming up. However, if I spend a day at the new office to train them, I can probably get them to pay for at least half the trip.

5. Move! Surprise! Peanut and I will both be moving by July 1 instead of just him moving into my apartment. There are several reasons for this, but we finally decided for sure last night. I will be giving my 30-day notice today and starting to panic shortly thereafter. We haven't even looked at apartments, and of course I haven't started packing at all. I hate moving and am completely anal about it, so be prepared for lists of moving stuff to start showing up shortly.

6. Get an iPhone. The new ones are supposed to come out pretty soon! And there are rumors that AT&T is lowering the cost of the data plans for the 3G and 4G models by including texting in the data plans instead of having it separate like they do now (the first generation plans do include texting, and it's a huge savings!).

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