Monday, May 11, 2009

Random things

* I got a letter in the mail from my school on Saturday, notifying me that my payment for the summer semester (around $3,000) is due on Friday, May 15. Suspiciously, there is no financial aid pending, and a look around their (horribly designed) financial aid website shows none listed either. My paperwork from last year included a notice of distribution and had pending financial aid listed on the bill.

I'm going to give them a call, but it looks like I'll be paying this semester in cash up front. UGH! I have the money from last year's tuition reimbursement, and I guess it'll be $3,000 less in loans to pay back, but OUCH. That was unexpected.

* A friend of mine (who makes about 2 1/2 times what I do, for no visible reason) is thinking about buying a condo on the other side of the country, sight unseen. She's lived at home her entire life, minus an eight-month roommate experiment. I can't help but think this is a bad idea, but I also think that my perspective would be unwelcome, since it might seem like it's coming from jealousy. Is that possible? Yes, maybe. But I can be jealous and realistic at the same time, right?

* I have lost my thumb drive, which has my spending tracker spreadsheet on it. It might just be temporarily misplaced, but it's stressing me out anyway. I backed it up over the weekend, but I'd still have a few days' worth of stuff to update.

* I hit up a NY&Co sale over the weekend and scored three dresses and a top for about $70. Should've cost me more than $150. Yay for coupons, city cash and BOGO1/2 sales! On the other hand, I seem to have started shopping for clothes like I actually have a clothing budget, and that's not actually the case yet. It'll be paid for by mystery shopping money, but this is probably a habit I need to get out of. After next month's city cash sale, of course. :)

* I'm going to see Angels & Demons on Wednesday--yes, before it's out! Yay for friends in the press! I'm not a fan of the series, actually, but I like Tom Hanks and it's free. Free is well within my budget.

* Peanut and I are still talking about where to live. I keep settling on us staying in my tiny cheap apartment, and then something will happen--like we'll keep bumping into each other while trying to make a meal, or I'll get a terrible splinter in my big toe and not be able to get it out, and then I think, you know, an extra $100 a month doesn't seem like such a bad deal for a kitchen two people can fit in and floors that have been sealed at least once in the last 100 years.

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  1. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my money file - my whol life is in there! I always email it to myself, just to make sure there's a copy somewhere!


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