Monday, May 11, 2009


I did not find my thumbdrive where I thought it might be. There's one more place it's possible to be hiding in, but I won't be able to check that until tomorrow. I feel naked without it!

I called my school and found out what the deal was with the financial aid. Basically, you have to be taking six credits per semester to qualify, and I'm only taking three during the summer. There aren't any more classes offered towards my degree this summer, thankyouverymuch, but my complaint after that point wasn't so much that there's a federal requirement no one can waive but that I never got ANY communication regarding financial aid or even registration (I happened to log in out of curiosity to see when registration was open, to find out that it had been for some time. They never alerted anyone. GRRR). And then she told me to have my parents call in if I was upset about it. I'll have you know I remained perfectly civil as I informed her that she was speaking to (and dismissing the complaints of) the only person who was paying the bills and who had every intention of recommending (or not) the school to other people in the industry. Ahem.

So, the takeaway is that I'll have to pay $2,700 out of pocket by Friday, and I'll have to go through all of this again next year (my very last class is being offered only during the first semester of next summer). AND I will have to take two classes in the spring (in order to qualify for financial aid for that semester).

Luckily I have the money to pay for such an unexpected expense thanks to the tuition reimbursement I've already received. This development will lower my total loans by about $6,000, but will also lower the amount of cash on hand to make a huge dent in the loans after graduation. If I didn't have the money on hand, I'm not sure whether I would choose to take it out of my emergency fund (and replace it with the expected tuition reimbursement I'll get in a month or so) or skip the summer semester entirely and just take an extra class in the fall or spring.

I wonder if I would have gotten used to such nonsense if I'd had to deal with a financial aid office while in undergrad. Peanut and I were just talking last night about whether we'd put our kids through college, make them do it on their own or something in between. I vote for something in between--it was great that my parents gave me the gift of a college degree, but I didn't take it as seriously as I might have if I'd been paying for it, and I missed out on dealing with some bureaucratic bullshit that might have been useful for me to learn when I was younger.


In excellent news, however, I got the splinter out of my big toe. Someone wants a piece of furniture I've been trying to get rid of AND they're willing to pay for it. I somehow made an A- in one of my classes (despite making B+'s on the only two assignments I knew of) therefore keeping my standing as having an A- as my lowest grade in graduate school (I'm not sure what that makes my GPA exactly...maybe not 4.0 but pretty damn close).

And best of all, Peanut always lets me finish the chocolate milkshakes. I mean always--I can't remember a time he's made a shake and not made sure I get the last soupy bits (my favorite). That made up for everything bad that happened to me today, and also means that I am off to do dishes.

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  1. Have your parents call in?! Too funny.

    I dealt with fin. aid in school, and while I do think I learned from it, I also didn't really know what was going on until I was about 2 years in. I could have gotten into some financial trouble in those first couple years before I got (somewhat) knowledgeable, and the main reason I didn't is pure luck. Not that you wouldn't able to help these hypothetical kids figure out stuff more than my parents were able to help me, but still.


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