Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thing the first: Why have my bookclubs started costing me money?! I used to be able to get all my books for free through Paperbackswap or the library, but the last several picks have not been available that way so I've had to pay for them. This is not in the budget!

Thing the second: I've not yet discussed salary with HR at the potential new company, but I left a message and hopefully they'll call me back today. My number is high--30% higher than what I'm making right now. It's not at all likely since the position is apparently even more entry level than I was led to believe by my friend and the hiring manager, but frankly, that's how much they would need to pay me for me to move right now. PLUS the tuition reimbursement.

I wasn't looking for a job--I have a job, and one that I like. I don't want the hassles of moving, starting a new job, and taking a summer intensive in the next month without some serious compensation. I don't want to be still learning a new job while I'm trying to write a thesis.

I don't want to waste anyone's time by interviewing for a job that's too far below me, but I feel weird about canceling it now. I'm sort of hoping that either my salary requirement will end the discussion, or they'll offer the job to someone else before my interview next week. Is this the wussy way out? I'm not sure, but it's possible.

I don't want to make my friend look bad by flaking (two people have done that to me, so I don't recommend or tell anyone about openings anymore) but she seriously underplayed my skills and experience. To the point that I'm almost a little insulted--I've been out of college for more than five years, working full time for almost as long, with four and a half years worth of experience directly related to that department. And she recommends me for a coordinator position?! One of my references pointed out that I shouldn't be looking for anything less than manager at this point, and I think she's right.

This is also a learning experience for me--don't trust what someone tells you is open somewhere in their company unless it's a job they deal with on a regular basis.

Thing the third: Peanut and I are taking off tomorrow to visit my family down south. I'm excited and will probably be pretty scarce around here and the blogosphere in general. Hope your weekend is as great as mine!

Thing the fourth: I decided to get the iPhone after all. I'm going to wait until the end of June in case they announce a new one at the Worldwide Developer's Conference. If they do, I'm not sure yet whether I'll go with the brand new shiny one or try to snag a 3G for cheap. We'll see. My Palm will go to my sister.

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