Monday, June 29, 2009

Decluttering stuff

Revanche asked How do you deal with old photos and albums?

Well, here's a little piece of advice. Do Not Start Scrapbooking. Seriously, just don't.

When I graduated from high school I was given a beautiful scrapbook set as a gift. I used it to scrapbook the last two years of high school and continued adding to it all the way through college--and then my friend's weddings, and my trips abroad, and my trips to New York, and and and...and I kept having to buy more paper and stickers and pens and glitter and designy things for it. And I just couldn't keep up with all the events I had to scrapbook, so I started pasting the photos onto pages without noting anything about them, and then I started keeping all the Playbills and little things I gathered that I someday wanted to get to, and then I started making lists of all the digital photos I had that I needed to print in order to keep the scrapbook going and now....

Now I have moved that box of scrapbooking materials for the third time without even opening it up. I'm five years behind with no hope of catching up, but I feel dumb not finishing because the photos are already glued to the pages. And then there will be blank pages at the end of the second scrapbook (which I had to buy when the first one filled up) so I'll feel dumb leaving it like that. So my solution is to stick the whole thing on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf and ignore it.

I don't recommend this approach. Just use photo albums where you can note the date on the back of the photo, stick it in, and forget about it.

As for what I'm going to do with the stuff I've got...I'm not sure. Most of my photos, particularly from the last three or four years, are all digital and I keep them backed up and don't feel a need to have them in a scrapbook or frame or otherwise in hard copy. When we're unpacked and settled in, I think I'm going to go through the box of stuff I've got, finish the pages that have photos glued to them, and get rid of the rest of it. I'll probably package it all up together and give it to Goodwill or something.

What do you guys do with your photos and albums?


  1. Most of ours are stored electronically with a few displayed about the house.. I've got a few albums from years gone by, but they are in the attic!

  2. I prefer hard copy b/c without it they just don't seem real to me. So I get the little albums that hold about 200 photos, one 4x6 on each page. I fill it up and when I'm done I put a label on the front of the album noting the period of time it covers and any significant events that might be included. For example, "Spring 2007-Winter 2007. Including Xmas and Trip to Virginia." Something like that. Works for me.

  3. I used to scrapbook and got in to the same mess you described cause I like all those decorative thingy's.

    My solution when I can affod it is a digital photo frame.

    I do have a photo slide show of my favorites at work. Check with your company first before you add personal photos to your computer.


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