Friday, June 12, 2009

I must be psychic, because sure enough AT&T is not going to discount the iPhone data plans. And earlier today I went and ordered my iPhone from an AT&T store and got the activation fee waived, just by asking that it be waived. Cool! I'll pick my phone up on Friday after having some margaritas with the girls from work.

Did anyone else notice the transition to digital TV today? I've been waiting for this since I was in journalism school, and was pleased to prove everyone wrong--my TV DOES still work with the cable plugged in the back of it, even though I don't have cable. Cable companies push a number of broadcast signals as well as teaser channels (I get the Food Network and sometimes Spike) to get people to sign up. Anyway, I enjoyed this flow chart of the switchover.

And the biggest news of the day! Peanut and I were approved for the apartment we applied for this week, and we are going to meet with the broker tomorrow to sign the lease and hand over the money. Woo hoo! So it looks like we're actually moving, um, a week from tomorrow. Yay! I need to go start packing!

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